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Hi Gang,

Things are shaping up nicely for the Pennsylvania weekend with our Canadian Bro’s on August 4th, 5th and 6th.

This is the thread so far:

Hey Shftr, Carl and I will be leaving the Friday am and hope to be at the Akron motel by mid day Friday.....we also have reservations there for Saturday........unfortunately I have a comittment back here on the Sunday nite which means we would have to head back around noonish on Sunday....if I can change this I will let you know.......we may be meeting another Valker Ethan in Corning NY on the way down and riding to Akron with him and there is a possibility of 1-2 other Valkers coming with us.....I will keep working on the Sunday committment.....if there are any plans for Friday, let me know as we could possibly arrive earlier...Looking forward to meeting you to....Steve 905-767-4167

ALSO: Doug (Flying) Scott, has graciously invited us to a cook out – pool party at his home , on fri .evening

We will be leaving the Akron area around 5 or 6 pm, depending on how bad the TRAFFIC SUCKS !.

Directions: OK -- here's the deal. BarBQue and pool party at my house Friday evening, starting anytime from 5 on. I'll do burgers, hot dogs and chicken, coupla sides and beverages. I realize it's kinda tough to pack food on the back of a valk, so I won't ask anyone to bring anything. If you want to throw 3 or 4 bucks in the hat to cover the stuff, fine, if not, that's ok too. Bring a towel and trunks If you can get to Gateway Shopping Center (route 202 and 252) you can get to my house. From 202 heading north, get off at Valley Forge Road south, continue through intersection at Swedesford Road (where the ramp dumps out) up Valley Forge Road. First right is Old State Road. Make a right. My house is 167 -- second house on the right after the ball field. The valk will be in the front yard. From 202 heading south, exit at 252 North Devon, go to the end of the ramp at the light (stay in the left hand lane), make a left underneath 202 and go straight, crossing Swedesford Road. Then as above. .RSVP so I know how much grub to buy to If you need directions from some other place, email me or give me a call at 610-296-1866. Spouses and SO's welcome .Doug (FlyingScot)

For Saturday, we will meet at the Akron restaurant for breakfast , BY 8:30 am. We need to board the 11:00 first train at Strasburg R/R,,, and then on to W. K. S. R/R ,, East of Hamburg,PA. This is about 100 miles round trip, through farming country, covered bridges and road apples, with a supper stop at Shears’ Bar-B-Q ranch. We will stop at the Gerber parking lot , in Ephrata at 1:00 , to meet up with any one who can not make the 8:30 breakfast at Akron restaurant. directions to Gerber, below.

For Sunday,, we will meet in the Gerber factory parking lot on the west end of Ephrata PA. On route322 just east of route 272… 3 mile west of route 222,, at 8:30 am… Hundreds of bikes gather there the first Sunday of every month,, but I aint hard to finde.. From there we will have breakfast then ride north to the town of Shamokin Dam, near interstate 80. There we will part company with Steve who has an evening comitment back in Toronto. The rest of us will turn south on 225 along the Susquhana river ,crossing to Liverpool on the Millersburg Ferry. Then south on 11/15 to 322 east to 325 north to the Carsonville Hotell for lunch . Then on to Pine Grove, at exit 31 of interstate 81. From there it’s an easy shot back to Dixie, or east or west.

All in all, it looks like a fun weekend,, hook up with others in your area, and lets ride!!

When last I checked, there was $50.oo rooms at the akron motell (717)859-1654, where Steve is staying.. That’s dirt cheep, if you share. Hope too see many ! SHFTR

> Sounds like a blast. I'm game!>> Looking at Mapquest, it's about 150 miles from Woodbridge VA to Akron> PA....2-3hours?>> I've copied others that have expressed interest in a get-together.>> I will also post on the VRCC regional boards (both mid atlantic, and> northern boards)...>> Sounds great! I'm IN!!!>> Mosa

> From:> Sounds like a good idea keep me posted. I would be interested in splitting a> room if possible. Bob

As for the rest of us who want to make the trip as a group to Epherta,
we will be meeting at the Dunkin Donuts two blocks west of 695 Beltway exit
13 (Frederick Rd. in Catonsville) at 6:30 AM. Please be prompt cause we have
to meet the rest of the group in Epherta by 8:30 AM and it takes between 1
1/2 to 2 hours (96 miles) to get there.
Any bikes are welcome to ride with us so go to sleep early on Saturday
night so that you can make this nice trip to PA.
We will be taking 695N. to 83N. to York, and 30E to the meeting place.

Please come ride with us. Meet your fellow Valkers and exchange
pleasantries. Bill and Debbye
(Big Biker)