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Ride PA. Oct.7th,,, Oct. 8th,,,,,,


Not enough interest for a dyno-party,,, so we will ride on Sunday oct 8th.

The long range weather forecast looks good for that weekend and fall folliage will be at about 45%

We will meet up at Ally-Wear parking lot in Ephrata Pa., Both days at 9:00. Same place as last time, just east of route 272 on route 322. We will have breakfast, then The sat. ride as planed will take us north on 501 and 125 through the south mounains to route 225 south to route 209 across the Susquehanna River on the Millersburg Ferry. Then south on 15 to 322 east to 325 north to Carsonville Hotel for lunch, then on to Pinegrove club. Pinegrove is 5 miles from exit 30 of I 81 for anyone wanting to head out around 6:pm. If staying over you can follow us to The Bar-B-Q Pit. Sunday Oct 8th, Paparo will open the shop for a Dyno-Party,,, BUT we need to register 10 people to make it worth his while. If no interest in a dyno party ,we can RIDE !! E mail me if interested, with a list of what you want done. Please , all suggestions are welcomed, hope to see many, for the last ferry boat ride of the season. LETS RIDE !! LETS PARTY !!! Don't Feed The Bears !! accommodations list on our home page, also pics of ferry boat.


I will make rez for breakfast, if I know how many